“Lowland” – project to low-energy detached house

YEAR: 2013
PROJECT: Energy Technologies’ Centre | CTE  and DCE |
Team work.
TASKS: conception, technical documentation, calculations, description

Project of the low-energy detached house to the catalogue of houses „Pure Energy Houses”.

The house with a small usable space is designed for users who appreciate functionality, comfort and roominess. Ideal for 4 person family.
Building in its simple shape with a modern, minimalist detail of the facade subtly stands out on a background of typical houses surrounding. A plan of the building is in a shape of letter “L”. It has has distinctly separate private and common area. Characteristic element of the house is a wooden openwork garage and extended rafters on the south side. Both of them are overgrown with greenery. Location of the garage allows to entry the parcel from two sides – the north and the west.
The building was designed for the use of equipment related to renewable energy sources. Using the the recommended technology ensures low operating costs.

You can find more information here.