“Elegant” – project to low-energy detached house

YEAR: 2013
PROJECT: Energy Technologies’ Centre | CTE  and DCE |
Team work.
TASKS: conception, technical documentation, calculations, description

Project of the low-energy detached house to the catalogue of houses “Pure Energy Houses”.

The house was designed in the spirit of modern architecture for family of four that value roominess and comfort. The simple shape of the building will stand out on a background of typical detached houses thanks to the details that were used in the project. An interesting element of monochromatic, elegant facade of the building is a part covered with greenery. It’s a garage that contains also separate workshop.
The house has a clear distinction between living area on the ground floor and private upstairs. Combination of kitchen, living room and dining room gives an impression of large space inside. In addition there is a possibility to close a kitchen part and separate it from the rest of rooms on the ground floor.
Building was designed with a view of the possibility to use the energy from renewable sources. Using the the recommended technology ensures low operating costs. The project meets the requirements for low-energy buildings NF40.

You can find more information here.