Diploma project to Brochow’s Center for Kids and Youth in Wrocław


Year of studies: 5th | 2012
TUTOR: dr eng arch Marcin Brzezicki

The selected subject for the diploma project is an architectural concept of Brochow’s Children and Youth Centre in Wrocław.

The district where the project is located has a number of socio – economic conditions problems. Due to the pathology occurring here, Brochow is included to the areas with a bad reputation. The main aim of the project was to improve the residents quality of life as well as public space in Brochów.

Building’s main function is a youth community centre. The object has a one piece form, which follows the outline that is imposed by the Local Development Plan. The entrance area is created by yard „cuted-out” from solid. The construction is enclosed by an openwork screen of transparent grating. In project generation was emphasized the simplicity of function and variety of inside activities. It was also important to provide “flexibility” of the inside functions and the ability to easily undergoing change or transformation of them, so it could meet users individual needs.
On the ground floor is a sport section, library and reading room. The first floor contains community centre with special spaces for creative activities. The two top floors are designed mostly for children and youth who are threatened by social exclusion. The Centre has also an extensive program of outdoor activities and attractions such as outdoor climbing wall and sports court to play basketball or volleyball on the top of the building’s roof.
Due to the location it was import ant to select appropriate materials – durable and resistant to destruction. The building itself is a neutral “shell” of what is going on inside. Raw, concrete walls are complemented by colorful tiling, walls and ceilings.

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