Competition project to east part of Pomorska Island in Wrocław

YEAR: 2012
A.Jakubińska, G.Wasyluk, J.Łątka, A.Omiotek, M.Pietrosian, E.Emmerling, K.Piętka, M.Brodzka
TASKS: coordination of the team work, conception, dwg drawings, graphics

At the beggining we carried out analyzes of the Island and interviews with local residents. We decided to design a building in a form that will not obscure the view to the University building. It was also important that the new structre will be a part of the landscape and will be a pro-ecological building satisfying assumptions of sustainable development
However, in order to provide the attractiveness of the area and meet the expectations of the investor proposed expansion of the residential function in the horizontal direction rather than vertical. River tradition of Wroclaw, the pre-war residential barges as well as the increasingly popular trend related to the desire to live on or near the water, suggested to us the solution in the form of floating homes-apartments. Our project assumes the design of the building permanently connected to the land, where there will be a multi-purpose hall and a floating apartment moored on the south side.