Competition project to certified office building “Zita” in Wrocław


YEAR: 2012
PROJECT: Heinle Wischer und Partner | Heinle Wischer und Partner | in collaboration with TH Architekci
TEAM: Edzard Schultz (responsible Partner), Anna Stryszewska-Słońska, Magdalena Tatar, Małgorzata Oleśkowska, Mateusz Skalski, Anna Jakubińska, Tadeusz Hardt, Hanna Kurczyna
TASKS: conceptual part, technical drawings

Project of “Zita” office building was designed for closed competition for chosen project offices. Project in its design contains solutions that allow to get Leed or Bream certification.

“Zita” is located in Promenady Wrocławskie. The building in its shape refers to the master’s plan quarters proposal. It structure and location of the functions  highlight the major axis. Northern part of it is a representative square that creates entrance area. Land ude plan assume maximalization of greenery. Interior quarter is filled with a grass and some trees. This part and the other “green zone” on the top of the building create recreational part for users of “Zita”. Due to ecological part of the project there is only required minimum of parking places. Communication is centered on public transport as well as using bicycles.

Project assume the possibility of implementation in four independent stages. The order of the stages refers to the implementation phases of Promenady Wrocławskie.

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